Projects currently underway within the community include, An Emergency Rest Centre and Emergency Plan for Cromarty, Home Care, Table tennis, Cycling without Age, Monday Lunch Club and Cycles for Carers.

Cromarty Care Project is keen that there is home care available in Cromarty and has in the past supported providers with an office rented from the West Church.  We have since let go the office, but still want to encourage applications to Topcare Inverness, the current provider of home care in Cromarty. 

Please consider becoming a home carer, even if only for a few hours a week. For more information, contact Maxine on 07483881981 or email for an application form on 

Have a look at our Annual Reports to see what else we've been up to.


Cromarty Crisis Fund

The Cromarty Crisis Fund (CCF) is a new fund that we are building up.  The idea for this was sparked by the Covid-19 pandemic.  The pandemic experience has brought home to many of us just how vulnerable ordinary families and communities can be.  We can't predict the future, but it's sensible to try to provide a safety net to help with anything that might arise unexpectedly.

The Cromarty Crisis fund will be ring-fenced for the use of the Cromarty community in future years.  Any monies donated to CCF will not be used for current spending and will be added to the bank account deposit for the new initiative.





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